Please join our free QForm simulation webinar for extruders and die makers

Please join our free QForm simulation webinar for extruders and die makers – Thursday, March 2nd at 10:00 am (Central Time, Chicago)

We will discuss how to use QForm Extrusion to increase the profitability of your production, what kind of defects can be predicted, how to increase the die life, and why QForm Extrusion is an excellent tool for speeding up the development of optimal extrusion process workflow for both die makers and extruders.

Die makers will increase the efficiency of the die design process, because before the dies are even produced, the optimal parameters of geometry such as the pre-chamber, bearings, channels, etc. have been determined via simulation, guaranteeing the highest quality tooling set delivered to the extruder.

Extruders will get stable and balanced material flow the first time without trials and corrections as well as improve the tool life. Extruders can optimize technological parameters such as velocity-temperature balance, welding seams, surface quality and other specifics which are very important for extruders but not usually taken into account by die makers.

Please register at this link

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