Ring Rolling

Simulation of ring rolling reduces costs for developing and setting up ring rolling processes.  QForm helps predict the final shape, identifies defects and estimates load and torque in all tools. It is possible to check load gradient in the main and guide rolls and in the mandrel as well as to predict wear and deflections of the tools.

1-2-0666-Plastic strain

The following technological tasks are solved in QForm software during simulation of ring and wheel rolling processes:

  • Control of temperatures and identifying locations that exceed the specified temperature range for the entire technological process chain
  • Prediction of grain flow quality in ring or wheel
  • Evaluation of rolling curves and strategies: dependence of ring growth speed from diameter and dependence of height from thickness
  • Evaluation of optimal rolling regimes for your equipment


  • Comparatively fast and simple simulations
  • Possibility to predict final ring or wheel shape with selected rolling parameters
  • Macrostructure and fiber structure prediction to control fiber location on the working surface of ring
  • Estimation of temperature profile of the ring and tools through the entire rolling process
  • Evaluation of heating temperature and parameters of forging operations of billets before rolling

Special QForm features that help simulate ring and wheel rolling process

  • Specially developed fully automated dual mesh algorithm that allows a significant increase of simulation speed of incremental processes
  • Setting of rolling curves and strategies from the most popular rolling machines such as SMS Meer, Muraro, Siempelkamp and Mitsubishi
  • Special algorithm for the mesh generation in tools with highly densified mesh in contact zones with workpiece that allow for significant increases in simulation accuracy without increasing simulation time
  • Possibility to simulate the entire technological chain starting from workpiece heating through preforming operation, punching and finishing by rolling
  • Interface to set ring rolling for various types of rolling machines such as radial, radial-axial and wheel rolling as well as rolling in case (frame).