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Die Wear

QForm can show a relative die wear factor across the surface of the die. This will graphically show the areas on the die with the most wear and the areas on the die with the least wear.

Die wear factor on die surface

Example of die wear simulation

In this cold headed bolt, the original design yielded a defect free trimmed bolt in four stations.

However the top die cut the workpiece in the third station creating a lap that was later trimmed off.

This created uneven die wear factors on the top and bottom dies

Maximum die wear factor of 20.78 on the top die and 2.8 on the bottom die.
This means that the top die would wear out almost ten times faster than the bottom die.

The design was modified to have more even material flow in three stations

Now there are more even values of die wear on the top and bottom dies (7.28 and 9.9) and the die set will last much longer.