Problems solved by QForm

Die Filling / Under FillLapsFlow Through DefectsGrain FlowInstabilityTemperatureLoadVentingBillet PositioningDie StressDie WearDie Deflection
1ventwholeSimulation of nut forming with accumulated pressure in deep cavity
2ventxsCross section of simulation with inadequate venting in deep cavity


Inadiquate venting can cause non-fill conditions in some forgings. By default QForm assumes perfect venting and does not account for pressure changes as the material flows into deep cavities and compresses the trapped air. However through the use of QForm's unique "boxes" feature, we are able to simulate the effects of inadequate venting with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

Example of inadequate venting simulation

Cross section of a cold formed nut

Die filled without accounting for trapped air

Die filled with boxes feature activated and 50 MPa of pressure
applied to the box to simulate the effect of trapped air