Processes Simulated by QForm

Hot / Warm closed die forgingOpen die forging / coggingFasteners / HeadingCold forgingExtrusionReducer RollingCross Wedge RollingRing RollingTrimming /Piercing /ShearingElectric UpsettingPowder FormingHydroformingHeatingMicrostructureHeat TreatingDie / Tool Simulation
pierceDeformation during piercing operation
shearSimulation of deformation during shearing


QForm can simulate trimming, piercing and cutting operations with ease. This allows you to look at the distortion of the forging during trimming, piercing or cutting. You can also model a hot sheared billet to accurately predict the shape of the cut end. The program can separate the work piece material for these sort of simulations and both parts can be further simulated in subsequent forming operations.