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Shears & Saws

Forge Technology, Inc. can supply a wide range of cost-effective bar cutting systems.

Hydraulic Shears:
We can supply horizontal or vertical hydraulic shears that are capable of shearing round bar stock from 1 ¾ inch diameter up to almost 8 inch diameter. Output speeds will vary based on the machine size but will range from over 50 strokes per minute for the smaller machines to 10 strokes per minute for the largest machines.

Mechanical Shears:
We can supply mechanical shears that provide extremely high production rates. These horizontal action shears do not require any foundation. They offer easy blade changes and blade adjustment; the blades can be rotated to allow near perfect perpendicular cuts. A sheared cut does not produce scrap the way a saw does. The shears can be fully automated from loading bar stock, feeding, shearing and unloading. We can provide several types of weigh systems to suit your specific application. These shears can cut round bar stock from 1 ¼ inch up to over 6 inches diameter at rates ranging from 100 cuts per minute for the smaller machines to 33 cuts per minute for the largest machines.

We can provide high speed saws that allow for rapid saw cuts of bar stock. These saws can use either expendable “throw away” blades or carbide tipped regrindable blades. They can be provided with full or partial automation and can cut round or square bar from ¾ inch to 30 inch diameter.

Hot Shears:
We can supply hot shears that can heat and cut bars in a single operation. Hot shears give improved material flow, reduced scrap and material costs, lower heating cost and reduction in personnel cost. We can provide hot shears to cut bar from 1 inch up to about 6 inch bar diameter.