Forge Press Automation

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Robotic automation

Robotic automation

In cases where results can not be achieved with standard automation systems, GEVA can provide fully robotic automation with the application and personalization of off-the-shelf robotic systems. With over 30 years of experience in the automation of hot forging operations, GEVA is ideally qualified to install robotic lines in the harsh forging environment. With custom grippers and an intuitive command interface, robots customized by GEVA can be used in conjunction with others equipment like lubrication systems, vibrating tables and sophisticated vision systems. GEVA's electrical cabinet with a SIEMENS S7 PLC can run the entire forging line in perfect synchronization with the robots.

A SIEMENS operating panel OP77 will easily handle the functions and alarms of the entire line.
Typical robotic systems have an operating range of over six feet and a loading capacity of up to about 30 pounds.