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Reducer Rolls

Forge Technology, Inc. can supply a very unique reducer rolling machine. These high quality reducer roll machines are relatively inexpensive and portable enough to be rolled from press to press as needed in your shop.

Reducer rolls work by placing a bar between two rolls with a preform impression die attached to them. When the machine is activated, the bar is engaged by the die on each roll as they spin in opposite directions. The profile is applied to the bar as it is forced through the rolls. A single reducer rolling machine can have several die attached to the rolls so that multiple passes can be performed on the same machine to significantly change the profile shape of the bar.

Forging preforms made by reducer rolling can significantly reduce your scrap in the subsequent forging since the preform is optimized for your forging. It also has the side benefit of knocking scale off of the bar so that you will get much better life from your forging dies.

These machines can also be used as a stand-alone forming process for flattening operations. Typical products that can be formed on reducer roll machines without any further forging required are shovels, scissors, knives, cutlery, chisels and engagement tools.

Forge Technology Inc can provide machines that can handle bar diameters from under one inch up to about 4 inch diameter. The length of bar that can be deformed in the roll ranges from 10 inches to about 36 inches.

We can also supply tooling for reducer roll machines as well as help designing your own tools after you have purchased the machine. Our forging simulation software, QForm, can be used to backward engineer your reducer roll tooling based on the desired profile shape and the starting bar diameter.

Click here to see examples of reducer rolling by QForm.