Processes Simulated by QForm

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fig1First pass of reducer rolling
fig2Second pass of reducer rolling
fig3Third pass of reducer rolling
fig4Close up of lap in rolling simulation

Reducer Rolling

Reducer rolling is a process where round dies are spinning in opposite directions and a workpiece is placed between them and deformed into a preform through several sequential dies. The workpiece is usually rotated 90 degrees by the operator between the forming operations. Simulation of reducer rolling is easy in QForm 3D. Your roller die design can be quickly verified by a QForm simulation.

QForm is seamlessly integrated with VeraCAD (Eratz Ingenieur Buro). VeraCAD software was developed for rolling processes design and is very useful for creating roll segment 3d models. The roll geometry is backward engineered based on the desired preform shape and the initial billet dimensions. The models are then verified in QForm which is necessary due to the complicated flow of metal in rolling dies. We can supply VeraCAD together with QForm in an integrated package.

See Quantor's technical paper "Automated Design and Finite Element Simulation of Reducer Rolling Technology