Mesh detail in a turbine blade forgingMesh detail in a turbine blade forging
Temperature distribution in crankshaft forgingTemperature distribution in crankshaft forging


QForm is powerful software designed to simulate the flow of metal in a wide variety of metal forming processes including forging, rolling and extrusion.

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QForm functions like a virtual forging shop where the user can develop the sequence of operations required to produce defect-free parts without the need for expensive shop floor trials. The program provides tools to help quickly identify and solve problems.

It does not require extensive training to operate. An engineer can be running simulations the first day on the job.

QForm allows 2D and 3D simulations within the same forging project file. A project may include several variations of the same simulation that allow you to quickly identify problem areas and find solutions.


It's fast
It's accurate
It's easy to use

But don't take our word for it, we urge you to try the free trial of QForm so you can decide for yourself.