Problems solved by QForm

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gravityGravitational possitioning allows the billet to find it's natural position on the die before the forging stroke
hip forgeIn this example a hip implant forging shifts as it is forged resulting in non-fill at one end. The die pin needs to be moved to correct the problem.

Billet Positioning

Simulation with QForm gives you the ability to experiment with various billet placements. You can quickly verify how the starting location of your billet will affect your forging.

You can simulate misplaced billets to mimic forge press operator error to help you generate quality control standards.

QForm's gravitational positioning feature allows the billet to fall into it's natural resting spot before the forge stroke takes place.

You can experiment with locator pins and groves in the die to see how they affect your forging.

With QForm "boxes" feature you can simulate holding the billet in place relative to one die or the other or assign some speed factor to the movement of the tong hold to simulate the natural movement of the tong hold.