Problems solved by QForm

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QForm has the best load prediction capability in the business. The program will show the exact load at any moment in the forming process for any type of forging equipment. In addition, graphs can easily be generated that show; load, work energy, power, velocity and distance and how they relate to distance, time, (and crank angle if it is formed on a mechanical press). When possible, graphs can be displayed together to show how the data relates. For instance load curves can be added together to show total load on a machine forming multiple stations at the same time, or load vs. time can be superimposed over work vs. time to show how they relate to one another.

Load vs. time overlaid with velocity vs. time

QForm can simulate energy related machines like hammers and screw presses with great accuracy. The simulated hammers and screw presses have adjustable blow energy per stroke just like the machines on the shop floor. A simulation will show how many blows are needed in hammer forging or screw press forging. QForm will also show when the available energy is insufficient for deformation causing what we call an elastic blow.

QForm will accurately simulate creep forming at the end of stroke in hydraulic presses.