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linear units

GEVA produces a standardized line of linear units. These can be fixed stroke pick-and-place units or electronically controlled programmable units operated by brushless motors. These have been specifically designed for the harsh forging environment. They can be used to load and unload hot or cold forgings. They can pick the billet up from a variety of positions and they can place the billet on the die in any orientation horizontally or vertically with a very high degree of precision. Often they can be set up to load two billets at a time.

The GEVA 700L linear loading arm is used on medium size presses. It has two hand configurations available: type R can place billets flat or turned 90 degrees on end, and type F can place billets at any angle horizontally. It has a fixed linear stroke of 700mm and can handle a maximum billet weight of 6 kg with a 2 second cycle time.

The GEVA 700L300T linear/transverse loading/unloading arm is used on medium size presses. The transverse motion can be used for the transfer of the workpiece from one impression to another or for on-axis application of lubrication. It has a fixed linear stroke of 700mm and a transverse stroke of 300mm. It can handle a maximum billet weight of 6 kg with a cycle time of 2 seconds.

The new GEVA LCN series electronic arms are provided with a controlled axis for the horizontal movement which allows varying stroke and speed and a very fast set-up. Height and side adjustments are by DC motors controlled by position encoders so that change over between jobs is quick and reliable. They combine the traditional reliability and accuracy of the previous models with quicker and smoother movements and flexible adjustment of memorized data. The entire installation is controlled by SIEMENS S7 programmable PLC with self diagnostics and information display readout.

GEVA RB-3AR is an electronic automatic feeder with full two axis movement. It can be used on the vertical/horizontal plane for loading and/or unloading larger presses. The design allows a wide range of motion even though it has a small footprint. The RB-3AR maintains reliability and precision, but it adds an increased speed and range of motion and flexibility of adjustment for self-learning. Like the other GEVA feeders, it can operate with different types of pincers for loading and/or unloading of work pieces.

Standard Geva unloaders can be set up to remove forgings from either the top die or the bottom die.

Hand unit for removal from the bottom die. Lube nozzles can be attached.

Spoon unit for removal from tip die. Lube nozzles can be attached.