Processes Simulated by QForm

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Hydroforming is the process of forming a detail on a tube by applying pressurized fluid inside the tube in a die. The tube is filled with hydraulic fluid when the tube ends are sealed by the axial punches and the movement of the axial punches provides compression and feeds the material towards the center. The increased pressure causes the tube to form against the dies. Transverse counterpunches are sometimes incorporated in the forming die to to form transverse details with small diameter/length ratio.

QForm can simulate hydroforming operations such as the one pictured below.

The parameters for this example:

In the following examples, the die is the same for fig.2 and fig.3 but the force "F" is varied from 0.05 kN in fig.2 to 40.0 kN in fig.3

fig.1 This is the starting point for fig.2 and fig.3

fig.2 P1=260Mpa, F2=0.05 kN

fig.3 P1=260Mpa, F2=40 kN