Processes Simulated by QForm

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Scheme of phase transformation in steels

Heat Treating

The new QForm HT simulation module, which uses the well-proven system of phase transformation during quenching of steels developed by GMT Berlin mbH, integrates with the simulation of cooling in QForm3D. The program can predict the phase constitution as well as hardness and ultimate tensile stress and shows the distributions of these parameters over the surface and in cross cuts. The heat treat module can be used integrated with QForm or as a stand alone module.

When the heat treatment option is selected in QForm, the name of the cooling operation changes to “Cooling/Heating in environment”. The cooling (quenching) environment can be any media that has a variable heat transfer coefficient.

Heat treat module can show residual austenite, bainite and martensite distributions in any cross sections of the forging before and after quenching

Simulation of phase content evolution

The share of the phases in steel. The round diagram corresponds to the position of dashed line