Processes Simulated by QForm

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coggingLenear motion and rotation in cogging operation
tableThe rotation and motion of the billet are simply entered in a table so that a complex cogging operation is easy to set up in one action.

Open die forging / cogging

QForm 3D allows a wide range of features for effective simulation of open die forging.

Cogging operations are simple to set up and allow the use of separate top and bottom dies. A cogging operation can be set up in a single action with the movement and rotation of the billet entered in a simple table that also accounts for the cooling of the billet between blows and while resting on the bottom die.

The billet can be held in place relative to either die or with a downward speed equal to half the speed of the top die to simulate any type of manipulator. The manipulator can be set up to allow for axial movement as the material is compressed.

Load prediction is very accurate for both direct drive hydraulic presses or hydraulic presses with accumulators.