About Forge Technology, Inc.

Forge Technology, Inc. supplies QForm forging simulation software as well as presses, automation, furnaces and preforming equipment to the North American forging industry. We have been involved exclusively in the forging business for more than 30 years and have installed millions of dollars worth of high quality presses, automation, furnaces and other related machines as well as fully automated turn-key systems at forging plants throughout North America.

In the late 1990’s Forge Technology, Inc. began supplying QForm forging simulation software to the North American forging and fastener markets. We can help improve your part quality, streamline your forming process and improve your bottom line by simulating your forming process. Whether it’s hot, warm or cold closed die forging, open die forging, upsetting, rolling, heading or extrusion, we have the expertise to run cost effective simulations for you that give you the results you need.

In 2010 we began representation of Denton TSI div. of O'Brien & Gere in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Denton TSI produces state-of-the-art furnaces and heat-treat systems.

We have extensive experience in the real world application of a variety of forging equipment and work with world leaders in the production of forging and heat-treating equipment to help you determine what process is best suited to solve your unique problems.